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Anne Lever & Michael Fox, Exhibition Opening, Apr 2016

A solo exhibition of work by landscape artist Anne Lever ran at the Grosvenor Museum for three months during the summer of 2016. It was extremely well received and seen by over 16,000 people making it the museum’s most successful selling exhibition.

The exhibition involved a collaboration between the Artist and the Poet Michael Fox. Michael’s work was written in response to the paintings and was exhibited alongside the work.

A book celebrating the successful collaboration between Anne and Michael was published in 2017.

“Anne’s paintings are powerful visual expressions which I have always admired for their poetic quality, their dash and verve and sense of creating a vivid experience there in the moment.”

Michael Fox, (Former Literary Manager of the Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester, a BBC drama producer, a co-founder of the Commonwealth Film Festival and now an Anglican priest.)

Peter Boughton, Keeper of Art, Grosvenor Museum:

The Paintings
“Gloriously tactile and expressive, with their rich colours and sweeping gesture.”

The Exhibition
“Richly textured, sensual and allusive, the paintings and poems corresponded and complemented one other extraordinarily well.”

The Book
“This is a splendid book.  It is beautifully produced and I think that the paintings and poems – which are of equal quality and so extraordinarily complimentary – work at least as well in this format as they did in the exhibition.”

“An excellent publication that marked a very stimulating and enjoyable exhibition of your joint work and which continues to surprise and inspire.”

David Cracknell OBE, Professor of Education, University of Chester

To order The Poetic Landscape visit Fairweather Press.