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Anne Lever

Anne Lever (born 1954 in Sussex) is inspired by her love and knowledge of the British landscape and its history. She studied law at university and worked as a Lawyer in London before settling in Cheshire. She has a wonderful eye for colour and structure. Her work is ordered by geometry and infused with the spirit of place.

“I have a passion for paint and am compelled to push through boundaries to resolve things which I do not fully comprehend at the time, the results are always a surprise and lead on to further discoveries.”

She is influenced by among others Paul Cezanne, the American Expressionist Richard Diebenkorn, and the British Artist Keith Vaughan.  She is indebted to Robin Child and she is a member of the Rosvik Collective, a group of artists interested in abstract and semi-abstract Art.

In my painting I seek to transmit something of what I feel when a fleeting glimpse of something in the landscape stops me in my tracks. I go out in all weathers. I try to capture the sensation in my work. Not by recording reality but by finding an image that reflects my experience. Sometimes this just breathes itself onto the surface; sometimes it is a monumental struggle; and all within the confines of the rectangle and on a flat surface. It is a process of finding and recognising rather than making.

Exhibiting widely and with a growing following her work is in many private collections.